Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Stimulus Package (Agri Training)

Dear All,

Should you guys have any proposal regarding Agri Training, and intended to collaborate with NCIA. Here's the guidelines;

Criteria for Programs in Collaboration with NCIA – Stimulus Package

Your programs should fall under one of the three training programs listed below:

a) Pre-employment Training
• Targets fresh graduates from institutes of higher learning;
• Focus is to expose them to the industry and the necessary skills required; and
• Training must contain at least 70% hands-on-training and 30% theory.

b) Skill Upgrading and Re-skilling
• Targets the current workforce;
• Improve skills and technical know-how; and
• Objective is to increase productivity, upgrade skills, retrain retrenched workers and/or, train workers from other industries.

c) Entrepreneurship Training
• Targets budding entrepreneurs from SME; and
• Provide support to launch a new enterprise.

The basic criteria set out below aim to assist the drafting of your proposals before submission to NCIA, within the ambit of the Stimulus Package. Whilst each employer should customize the programs in each of their proposals to serve their relevant needs, there are other factors that will determine the viability and feasibility of the said program during the evaluation stage. It should contain amongst other things:

i. Total number of employees involved in the program
• Explain the selection criteria of employees
• Explain the procedures involved
• Justify the need for the number of employees

ii. Duration of the program
• The training involved must be no shorter than a month and no longer than 12 months.

iii. Information on Training Provider and syllabus content (if any)
• Justify the choice of training program
• Information on the Training Provider (Compulsory)
• The qualification / certification, course material, course outline
• As for the approved list of private training providers, requirement set by EPU is that the private institution must be of credible stature, i.e good track record, registered with MoHE or JPK training providers etc.
• For public or government training providers (No issue)

iv. Commitment towards absorbing the employees
• This is fundamental on the employer’s part to commit an assurance that at least 80% of the workforce identified in their proposal will be absorbed as employees upon successful completion of their program to justify the financial assistance from NCIA.

v. Reporting Structure
• From implementation until the completion of the program, there must be a progress and monitoring reporting structure to NCIA;
• Also to provide feedback to NCIA, if any;
• Minimum scheduled report must be on a monthly basis; and
• Must be in writing.

vi. Total breakdown of costs and allowances
• Cost estimates must cover any training fees, accommodation, allowances for the whole duration of the program.

In order to save time in the evaluation stage, it would be worthwhile to be as comprehensive in detail as possible in your submission of proposal.

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